Summer Cleanse
Summer Cleanse

Summer Cleanse

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6 x 500 ml cold-pressed juice and almond mylk per day of cleanse

Designed to give your digestive system a well deserved break, detoxify, reset and nourish your body!

Each day of juice cleanse includes:

1.  CELERY JUICE  celery

2.  SPICY MAMI  pineapple, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, water

3.  HOLY MELONS  watermelon, mint

4.  DOWN TO EARTH  kale, romaine lettuce, apple, cucumber, celery, orange, lemon

5.  HEART BEET  beet root, carrot, apple, lemon

6.  LE BLEU  almonds, blue spirulina, maple syrup, vanilla, pink himalayan salt, water


- Raw cold pressed juice is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, nutrient dense, high in vitamins and minerals that our bodies crave and naturally boost the immune system  

- Improves your metabolism that can result in weight loss

- Live enzymes help improve gut health, digestion and elimination

- Signals the body to promote collagen production which leads to healthy skin

- Alkalizes the body. Our bodies thrive at an alkaline state

- Mental clarity and increased energy levels 

- Flushes unwanted toxins


* * Consume the juices about 1.5 to 2 hours apart throughout your day. Drink water in between each juice. If you have the urge to chew or feel hungry, opt for plant-based smoothies or raw fruits & raw / steamed vegetables and include this to your cleanse.

Shelf Life: 3 to 5 days refrigerated at 3 degrees Celsius