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Ready? Set. Cleanse!

Ready? Set. Cleanse! 

By: Juneile Maxi


Juice cleanses are a wonderful way of giving your body and digestive system a well deserved break. 


I had the pleasure of completing fruit de la vie’s two-day juice cleanse! Which was perfect timing since lately I have had no qualms about satisfying my cravings however, my body was definitely feeling it, and hated me for it. So, I prepped for a couple days before going on the cleanse so my body wouldn’t go through too much shock with the sudden removal of food. 


If you intend on starting a juice cleanse, and going through it with no food at all, it is so important to prepare your body. Slowly cutting down on your calorie, sugar and fat intake a couple days before starting is a great way to ease yourself into a cleanse. Cleanses are an awesome way to reset your gut and give your digestive system a rest so that your body can properly break down and effectively distribute necessary nutrients. 


On day one, I began the day with a bit of a headache and feeling lethargic but decided to push through anyway. With a little will power and a couple gallons of water in between juices, I completed the day feeling much lighter than I did in the morning. I spaced out my juices, taking them 2-3 hours apart. The timing worked out great and didn’t give me the chance to feel too hungry. It is a a bit of a mental challenge because you have to discipline yourself but I’ve found that keeping busy was the best way to take my mind off wanting to eat. 


Now you may be thinking: “Do I absolutely need to forgo food on a cleanse?”. I would simply suggest listening to your body. Of course, if you want to eat while on a cleanse keep your foods simple and primarily plant based. Remember, the point of a cleanse is to give your digestive system and body a break. You don’t want to be intaking anything that requires too much energy for the body to break down such as meats, dairy or processed foods, which can cause inflammation. 


Many benefits you can gain when going on a juice cleanse are:


🥬 Decreased inflammation 🥬 Stronger immune system

🥬 Healthy weight loss 🥬 Better hydration

🥬 Increased vitamin and mineral intake 🥬 Better digestion


By day two, I felt pretty good. I decided to be a little less strict with myself and allow myself to snack in between juices. My snacks consisted of berries, and popcorn that I made with olive oil and pink Himalayan salt to curb cravings. By the end of the day, I really couldn’t wait till the next day to get some actual food into my system! I managed to power through both days, and the days that followed never felt better. I didn’t feel bloated after eating, my skin appearance had improved, and working out felt like a breeze. Personally, I felt much better after the cleanse, than during.


Post cleanse, it’s important not go back to old eating habits, but gradually reintroduce food back into your body. This most definitely isn’t the time to reward yourself with a heavy meal. Not yet at least. Start off with some soup or salad, and later begin adding proteins and other complex carbs. Proceed as you would if you were breaking a fast. Always listen to your body, and simply give it what it needs.


If you plan on trying a cleanse anytime soon here are my four personal tips that got me through mine.


🍎 Drink lots and lots of water 🍎 Don’t think about it too much

🍎 Be kind to yourself, and listen to your body 🍎 Cleanse with a friend



Happy cleansing! 🥰

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