What is cold pressed juice?

The process of making cold-pressed juice is by extracting the natural juices from raw fruits and vegetables using a commercial grade hydraulic press. Pressing prevents oxidization and helps retain the nutrient-dense enzymes and phytonutrients in the juice. During the juice process no heat is applied making it truly raw.

Our juices are untreated, chemical free, and unpasteurized to maximize health benefits.  Cold-pressing provides five times more nutrients than ones that are pasteurized.

We specialize in a variety of juice cleanses that is designed to help
your body flush out toxins leaving you feeling rejuvenated, re-energized and detoxified! 



Fruit de la vie juice co. sets high standards by using fresh & organic ingredients, including sourcing local produce from Manitoba farms whenever possible. Juices are cold-pressed keeping all the live enzymes, essential vitamins and minerals in order to nourish our bodies. Our juice blends are well balanced making every sip deliciously enjoyable


We understand that life can be very busy and it’s our mission to have nutritious juices, plant-based whole foods, superfood smoothies and ready to go snacks available daily at your convenience. To make things even easier, our customers can pre-order online and we will deliver straight to their door!


We’re an advocate about eating nutrient dense plant-based whole foods for optimal health and how eating intuitively can be beneficial for our health. Reduce, reuse, recycle - we stand behind and promote minimal waste by bottling in glass and compostable packaging. We create the awareness and encourage our community to do the same


Highly recommend!! I love all of their juices and the food too. They make the best salad rolls in the city. Clean establishment, friendly staff and such good quality. They also recycle their bottles which I absolutely love.

Marla Cousins


Love love love these juices!! They all taste like heaven! At first I thought I would be starving from only drinking juices all day for the cleanse, but I was totally wrong! I honestly never craved any food and felt full all day! By the end of my cleanse, my body felt so clean, slim, no more bloating and re-energized! Definitely a must try!!

Crystal P


When I first tried this cleanse, I did it to feel more energized in the morning without needing to drink coffee or energy drinks and kick start my metabolism. It helped with all of that, and I didn't have the late afternoon burnout. I would recommend this to anyone.

Dinh T


If you're looking to do a juice cleanse and you want to support local this is the place to go. All of their juices are delicious, non pasteurized, they use alkaline water which is a nice touch, and the staff/facility is great. Highly recommended and definitely will be back!

Derek o


I added the 1 day cleanse to my diet while breastfeeding a newborn! It helped combat the insane dehydration that comes with breastfeeding. I loooove the almond milk.

Meg M


I have done the 3 day cleanse a few times and love it!! I find all the juices delicious, beet being my favourite. I always feel great during and afterwards.

J boss


I typically grab a 3 day cleanse - to recharge and get my body feeling good normally I'm hungry all day but these are all super filling and taste great - even the carrot one is becoming a favourite

Matt silver


I've done the two day cleanse and ate accordingly! I felt good! The juices were sooo delicious. I love every single one, it's so smooth and you can really tell the quality of each juice.

Dolly Lu


I usually grab a 3 day cleanse every few months. I find it helps me reboot. I don't feel hungry, juices are delicious and I have so much energy 

Morris stern


Honestly the best cleanse I've ever done, the juices are all so delicious, every single one of them!!!!!

Alicia banville