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Fruit de la Vie

We opened our doors in 2019 to alot of excitement for a local juice shop in the St. James area! Our menu has grown over the years and so has our customer base as more people discover us over time and spread the word! We love meeting you all, make sure to stop in to say "Hi!" and try out our menu!

My name is Jeline, I'm the creator and founder of fruit de la vie juice co.

5 Facts about me:

- I'm a mom of 3 littles, Chloe, Dani and Jaxon

- I love to cook and create new receipes, I can spend all day in my kitchen and find it super therapeutic

- I'm a foodie at heart, my favourite food is sushi!

- I love to eat, that's why I cleanse

- I started juicing since 2013 and have been passionate about all things health and wellness




"I’ve been working at fruit de la vie juice co. since day one and recently have moved into a new position as Shop Manager!

Outside of my days at the shop, I spend my time at the gym, working on my new fitness journey or binge watching Netflix & Disney+ tv shows 🙈

My favourite items to order from fruit de la vie has to be the Mushroom Kalbi Banh Mi (I could eat it every day) the Goji Goodness Superfood Smoothie and Pineapple Glow 🤗

My favourite wellness item would be Eucalyptus essential oil by Young Living"


"I’ve been working at fruit de la vie juice co. since day one! I make all the juices, almond milks and vegan foods there!

I also have a background health care. On my spare time, I like to go out for walks, try new foods/restaurants and play sports such as frisbee, basketball or anything that’s fun!

My favourite fruit de la vie items would have to be the Le Blanc almond milk, Maca Me Sexy Superfood Smoothie, Mushroom Kalbi Banh Mi and my favourite wellness item is
Lavender Essential Oil by Young Living."


"Hey, my name is Jasper!
I started working at fruit de la vie juice co. this past February, so its still a learning process, but I’ve been absolutely loving it!
Outside of work, I’m a gamer at heart. A few of my favourite titles are CS:GO, League of Legends and Valorant. I also attend business at the University of Manitoba, and my goal in the future is to have my own restaurant!
My favourite item to eat are the Salad Rolls with Almond Hoisin Sauce, accompanied with Holy Melons juice or Goji Goodness smoothie.
My favourite wellness item would be the Peppermint essential oil by Young Living."


"Hi, my name is Criza!

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Fruit De La Vie develop as Jeline’s passion project, and witnessed how she transformed her vision into the business that it is today!

Outside of helping at fruit de la vie, I am a Lending Associate at Sunova Credit Union (#plug). If I’m not busy being a workaholic, I’m either with my fiancée and our fur-baby Mikko, browsing through real estate, or napping 😅

I honestly LOVE everything we sell at fruit de la vie! If I HAD to choose, my go-to order would have to be the Miso Ginger Salad paired with Pineapple Glow 🤤

My favourite local item that we carry are the@leluxlashesco Miracle Eyeliner Kit 💕"


"Hi, my name is Diana!

I have just started working at fruit de la vie juice co. I’m starting to learn and get the hang of things, I absolutely love it!

On my free time I like to spend time with friends and family, go on hikes and runs and play ultimate frisbee!

So far my favourite fruit de la vie items are Pineapple glow, Protein Power smoothie and the Avocado Toast (I’m sorta obsessed with it 🤤). My favourite wellness item is the Lavender Lip Balm by@younglivingcanada!"



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Coming soon

About Cold-Pressed Juice

The process of making cold-pressed juice is by extracting the natural juices from raw fruits and vegetables using a commercial grade hydraulic press. Pressing prevents oxidization and helps retain the nutrient-dense enzymes and phytonutrients in the juice. During thejuice process no heat is applied making it truly raw.

Our juices are untreated, chemical free, and unpasteurized to maximize health benefits.  Cold-pressing provides five times more nutrients than ones that are pasteurized.

We specialize in a variety of juice cleanses that is designed to helpyour body flush out toxins leaving you feeling rejuvenated, re-energized and detoxified! 


    Fruit de la vie juice co. sets high standards by using fresh & organic ingredients, including sourcing local produce from Manitoba farms whenever possible. Juices are cold-pressed keeping all the live enzymes, essential vitamins and minerals in order to nourish our bodies. Our juice blends are well balanced making every sip deliciously enjoyable


    We understand that life can be very busy and it’s our mission to have nutritious juices, plant-based whole foods, superfood smoothies and ready to go snacks available daily at your convenience. To make things even easier, our customers can pre-order online and we will deliver straight to their door!


    We’re an advocate about eating nutrient dense plant-based whole foods for optimal health and how eating intuitively can be beneficial for our health. Reduce, reuse, recycle - we stand behind and promote minimal waste by bottling in glass and compostable packaging. We create the awareness and encourage our community to do the same

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